Run With the Wind in Snowball World!

Run With the Wind in Snowball World!

No, Snowball World does not feature snowballs, or even snow in general. A quick peek in the game tells you that immediately, so if you’re looking for a game that features snowball fights or other Christmas-themed games, then you are in the wrong neighborhood. But, hey, Snowball World features a cute little kitten playing as a ninja. Maybe you’re interested in that?

A bouncy platformer

To plainly describe it, Snowball World is a platformer game. But you don’t have full control of your movements in the game like other platformers. Your character, a white kitten with a flowing red scarf, is continuously moving in one direction, either left or right, and you don’t have the option to change directions anytime. But you do have the option to make it jump or stop in its tracks completely. To change directions, you must utilize poles that are located at both ends of the map. Bumping into the poles will bounce you into the other direction, like a ping-pong ball. It’s your one and only way to change movement from left to right, so you have to get used to the hassle of going back and forth along the map. Also, the kitten does not have a dash or duck option, making the movement system a bit restrictive, which is, of course, part of the game.

What’s around the map?

The map itself is littered with different things. The most important is the key item which is required to advance to the next level. Upon grabbing the key on the map, a door will open and you need to navigate your way to it in order to move on. There is also a bird and a mouse around the map, but they are only optional for you to pick up. If you want to quickly advance levels, just go straight for the key item and ignore the mouse and bird. There are two ways for you to get a game over: either by falling off the pits or by running into those little spikes around the map (the black ones protruding from the ground). Since the map is quite large, those little spikes can sometimes be overlooked, but the pits are easy enough to see.

A back and forth affair

Since Snowball World places you in a constant motion with no immediate option to change directions, it can be time-consuming to walk around the map back and forth simply because you keep on mistiming your jumps, especially since it can be tricky to immediately jump coming out of a halt. The moving ledges that allow you to reach higher parts can sometimes be a nightmare, too, but with a little practice and familiarity with the controls, the chances of you going back and forth around the map will lessen. It also helps that the jump is in a fixed height, so at least you can predict its trajectory.

Snowball World features a different take on platformers by giving you restrictive movement options. And that easily translates to a more challenging gameplay. If you’re a veteran player of platformer games, you’re going to love Snowball World. And come to think of it, the game’s title might have been named after the kitten’s snow-colored fur.

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