Scatter Fruits Everywhere in Fruit Break

Scatter Fruits Everywhere in Fruit Break

They say if you want to live longer, you should have a steady diet of fruits. They are healthy, loaded with antioxidants, and—Okay, enough with the nutrition lessons. The main point is: fruits are good for your health. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the love for fruits. Some even despise them with a passion. If you’re one of those who instantly give fruits the raised-eyebrow treatment, then you’re going to love Fruit Break. The game will give you the chance to waste as many fruits as you can in a guiltless manner.

Slightly different from fruit slicing games

The first game that usually comes to mind when talking about slicing fruits is Fruit Ninja. And rightly so: the game can be arguably credited for bringing the style of gameplay to mainstream audiences. However, the margin for error in Fruit Ninja is a bit slim, mostly due to the fact that mistakenly slicing a bomb mixed among the fruits spells a game over. And this is where Fruit Break, uh, breaks away from: by having a LOT of room for error.

Fruit Break features the same gameplay where you drag and hold on the screen to initiate the slice action. The fruits featured in the game are easily recognizable and not sloppily designed, so if you want to instead spend time counting watermelons in the game, you can easily do so. The most noticeable difference in the game is that striking the bombs mixed among the fruits does not result in a game over. Instead, the game simply deducts points from your score, which is tallied in the upper-left corner. So, yeah, that means you can just go crazy slicing on the entire screen and not worry about anything (except for your score, of course).

More points-based

The goal in Fruit Break is to rack up as many points as you can during the set amount of time allotted to you. You have no way to add more time on the clock, which is actually the right thing to do by the developers; otherwise, the game potentially would have been endless. Also, if you fail to slice a fruit and it drops back to the bottom of the screen, you don’t get any sort of game-ending penalty. However, the incentive comes with slicing the fruits in succession without letting a single one slip through your finger (or knife). Doing so starts a combo that will give you additional points. So if you’re a veteran Fruit Ninja player who is generally good at avoiding the bombs, then you’re going to have a great time pumping up those points in Fruit Break.

Less content but more flow

On the other hand, Fruit Break does not offer the amount of content that Fruit Ninja or other more developed fruit slicing games have. But don’t take that negatively, because it actually works in its favor. Not having extra stuff for you to get lost in allows you to just focus on the primary aspect of the game, which is, of course, slicing fruits. Once your time is up, you can simply start all over again. All you really have to worry about is the high score that you repeatedly set for yourself.

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