Serve Frozen Delights in Creamy Ice!

Serve Frozen Delights in Creamy Ice!

Ice cream is one of life’s simplest pleasures. The mere sound of an arriving ice cream truck or trolley can get both children and adults excited. But have you ever wondered what would it be like to be on the other end of things, if you’re the one giving out those tasty frozen delicacies instead of receiving them? Well, Creamy Ice gives you a chance not only to see for yourself, but to act on it, too!

Quick service is the key

Creamy Ice places you in the shoes of an aspiring ice cream vendor. Your career revolves around serving a number of customers every day, with each customer having different kinds of orders. Because your career is just starting out, you only have a handful of serving options in the beginning: a cone, two flavors, and whipped cream (or at least that’s what it looks like). Every time a customer arrives, their specific order is displayed in a speech bubble and your job is to tap or click on the corresponding options as fast as you can. Money is earned for every successful serving.

The most important aspect in the game is following the exact instructions of your customers. So, if the customer wants one stack of the yellow-colored flavor atop two stacks of the blue-colored flavor, you have to do them in that order only. If you mess up, it resets and you lose money. If you take too long to get it right, the customers will get impatient, which results in them walking away and costing you more money. So you have to be fast and accurate at the same time.

While the penalties for messing up can be a bit harsh, the game does have two gameplay mechanics that gives you a chance to make up for your losses. First: Every time you serve five consecutive customers without a mistake, you get a sort of money boost that doubles your succeeding profits for a limited time. And second: Each customer has a corresponding countdown timer next to their speech bubble and if you serve their order before it runs out, they will give you a tip. The timer depends on their order, with the harder ones appropriately having a longer timer. At the end of each day, the game gives you a tally of the total amount of money you’ve earned.

More money, more serving options

As you earn more money, you also unlock more serving options like more flavors and the ability to serve the ice cream on cups instead of cones. The additional options functions like a difficulty spike: The more options you have, the orders of the customers also become more diverse. During the profit tally at the end of each day, you can check the next unlockable item as well as the required amount of money to unlock it. This allows the game to have progression so you don’t feel like you are just endlessly serving ice cream.

Creamy Ice is a game best played on a smartphone, as tapping the screen is more efficient than using a mouse. The game does have a Time Trial mode available at the beginning which allows you to practice your skills before diving into your career. Creamy Ice is quite tricky in the beginning, but as you go along you’ll be serving those frozen delights so fast that you’ll feel like a programmed machine.

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