Street Ball Star: Shoot for the Stars!

Street Ball Star: Shoot for the Stars!

Not everyone has been blessed with the shooting stroke of Stephen Curry or the athleticism of LeBron James. That’s what basketball simulation games like the NBA 2k series are for. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to afford console or PC gaming, much less have the time to go through in-depth gameplay. Luckily for you basketball fans out there, Street Ball Star is available on-the-go to allow you to showcase those badass shooting skills you’ve been boasting about. Or at least test your knowledge of geometry and the art of angles.

The gameplay is not for the impatient

In Street Ball Star, you control a little kid (or is that a young adult?) who is out to practice his shooting skills. To shoot the ball, all you have to do is tap/click and drag on the screen, which will activate a dotted line on-screen that helps you see the trajectory of the ball. Once you get your angle, simply release your hold on the screen and let the ball fly to the hoop. The controls are extremely simple, but don’t let that fool you: Actually making your shots is a completely different thing.

There are two factors that affect your ability to score points. The most noticeable is that the hoop does not stay in one position. It changes every time you make a shot. So, you can’t just use a fixed angle to score points. The game is not like a free throw shot in a real basketball game. It’s more like the ones in the arcades where the hoop is literally moving from side to side. The other thing that will hinder you is the wind effects. They are represented as forward or backward arrows on the backboard. For example, shooting against the wind will generally make your shots fall short and requires you to overshoot the ball to counter the wind resistance. The wind effects aren’t present all the time, though, so you don’t have to continuously worry about them. Making your shots in Street Ball Star can be very difficult in the beginning but gets easier once you have a good idea of the angles to use for different hoop positions.

Is it an endless game?

Street Ball Star has two game modes: Challenge Mode and Time Trial Mode. In Challenge Mode, missing a shot will result in an immediate game over. All shot makes count as 1 point in Challenge Mode. It’s essentially a mode to test out your shooting streak and general mastery of the angles. Your main goal is to continuously beat out your best score. On the other hand, Time Trial Mode does not result in a game over whenever you miss. The mode also offers a 3-point shot that can be achieved if your shot goes through the net without touching the rim. Your main goal in Time Trial Mode is to see how many points you can score in 1 minute.

In both modes, coins randomly appear on-screen. They usually appear along the trajectory of the ball, so you have the chance to grab them as you shoot the ball to the hoop. Missing or making the shot will not affect whether you keep the coin or not – if the ball hits it, it’s yours no matter what. These coins can be used to unlock different kinds of balls, which are then used to unlock other maps (or courts, so to speak). While the rewards aren’t exactly jaw-dropping, their presence allows Street Ball Star to have a real goal.

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