Streetrace Fury - Furious and Fast

Streetrace Fury - Furious and Fast

Live out the fantasy of being an elite street-racer, climbing through the ranks of the underground racing network, in Streetrace Fury. The game puts you in the driver's seat from the get-go and shows you the ropes of handling the high-pressure stakes of driving at ridiculous speeds through the heart of a major urban metropolis. Game time is spent between optimizing and customizing your sweet racing vehicle and the races themselves. Streetrace Fury offers a wide range of upgrades to boost your racing prowess to the next level. And with all the money earned from the races you've won, it won't be long until you find yourself looking at a whole new car to purchase. Car enthusiasts will be happy to know that the car shop offers for purchase many well-known makes and models of the highest end cars, such as Ferraris, Mclarens, and Bugattis. 


All car models are available to be unlocked as long as you have the cash to make the purchase. And that means you have to win the races. The central mechanic of the game is based on switching gears at the most optimal time and takes a steady hand to be successful. Players will find more success when playing on a mobile device with a touch screen. The input delay on a mouse and keyboard makes a minute difference but even the smallest of delays can impact performance. And while the racing mechanic is easy to learn, it is certainly hard to master. Even after winning a dozen or so races, I found myself not being able to perfectly switch gears every time I'm prompted to. And often you find yourself racing against an opponent with a better-equipped car. So while you may be able to use your superior skills to defeat him, sometimes the hardware makes it impossible to do so. And that's when you hit the garage and spend some of those savings you've earned on upgrades for your car.


The garage opens up a more strategical aspect of car racing. That is, you need the right mindset to optimize your vehicle, enhancing its strengths or reducing its weaknesses. The player will learn which parts of each car are most important to winning a race (raw speed isn't the only thing that matters). Any players who enjoy aesthetics of cars are allowed the option to fully customize their cars, adding neon to the bottoms and changing the paint job. So when you're in the process of upgrading, there's incentive to race other people who aren't in direct competition without risk. These secondary races help earn cash as you save up for an awesome new car or the latest nitrous booster available. And the use of nitro also requires some practice to use it just right. Use it too early, and the effects are minimal, but use it too late and the race is already decided. Advance through the masses of drivers all looking for fame and glory, and drive through a street-racing fantasy. Buckle up, you're in for a ride.

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