Sushi Ninja Dash: Do Everything for the Sake of Sushi!

Sushi Ninja Dash: Do Everything for the Sake of Sushi!

If you’re familiar with the anime series Naruto, then you know how awesome ninjas are. Yes, the ninjutsus are all cool and flashy, but one of the more enviable skills that they possess is being able to effortlessly jump into whatever object and bounce around it as if it’s made of springs. It certainly makes traversing much easier. You can actually replicate the action using parkour, but not in the same way that characters in Naruto do. (That’s expectations versus reality.) Sushi Ninja Dash also features the same wall-hopping aspect and it’s done in the game with one thing in mind: To grab all the sushi.

This is not an 8-bit game

The first thing you’ll probably notice upon booting the game is that it looks like a game from the old days due to its graphics, especially the ninja character that you control. But once you get a good look at the sushi, you’ll realize that it’s far more detailed for a prehistoric game. The gameplay, however, is simple enough that it can really pass off as an 8-bit game if marketed correctly, because old games are all about simple gameplay mechanics.

Hop on walls, hop in the air, hop anywhere

The gameplay of Sushi Ninja Dash revolves around you bouncing around the screen in order to grab that piece of sushi floating around. You can bounce off the walls and even in the air – yes, you can use the air itself as a platform. Bouncing in the air actually looks like you’re doing a double-jump, but in a much cooler way. Tapping on the screen initiates the jump, but the tricky thing is that your ninja is constantly moving around and you have no way of properly controlling him other than the jump/hop action. Pausing and not jumping around will make your ninja fall into the pit bellow, and you don’t want that. And what makes it even more challenging is the presence of shurikens in the map. Touching one of those immediately means a game over. So you have to do your best to rein control of your ninja AND avoid the sharp shurikens.

What to do with the sushi?

Collecting the sushi isn’t exactly for consumption purposes, although it’s hard to tell what your ninja actually does with it. If you collect enough sushi, you will unlock different ninjas, which you can easily switch into from the main menu. Since the sprites of the ninjas aren’t very much detailed and they are really small in size, you can only identify each ninja by their colors or clothing. There are lots of ninjas to be unlocked, giving you enough incentive to push through with the chaotic jumping.

Whether you love ninjas or sushi, Sushi Ninja Dash will have a special place in your heart. The game’s simple graphics and relaxing music adds to its overall charm. But the jumping and dashing along walls really takes some time to get used to, especially since you can’t really control the direction. Nevertheless, Sushi Ninja Dash is an exciting game once you get the hang of it.

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