Tabby Island: Launch “Cats” Like Cannonballs

Tabby Island: Launch “Cats” Like Cannonballs

Cats, cats, cats. The internet can’t get enough of them. They are scattered all over the internet like an epidemic or something. So it’s not surprising they also find their way into games. They are THAT marketable. Their charm generally comes from the adorable expressions on their faces. The developers of Tabby Island most likely had that in mind when they came up with the game.

Not the face!

Tabby Island is your typical puzzle game where the primary goal is to match three or more identical tiles to score points. It’s a tried-and-tested formula that never seems to go out of style, even if they can get very repetitive. There is a slight difference in the game, but let’s get to that a bit later.

The tiles or playing field in the game is littered with faces of cats. As in only their faces. Actually, they look more like mutated cats, with their heads supported directly by their legs. They’re like a fusion of a cat and a tennis ball. Yes, they’re weird, but no less cute than “regular” cats. Another funny thing is that you don’t simply swap or click on three or more identical tiles in order to clear them off the field: You have to LAUNCH the cat heads like a slingshot into its identical tiles, a bit similar to bowling. It’s a little hard to identify the cats by the expressions on their faces, so you can alternatively go for the easier route and identify them by their colors (unless you’re colorblind).

Familiar gameplay with one twist

Aside from weirdly featuring mutated-looking cats as tile designs, Tabby Island features one other noticeable aspect: The ability to chain with tiles that are not adjacent. In similar puzzle games, it is typically required that the identical tiles are adjacent to each other for you to chain them. In this game, however, the gameplay mechanic of launching the cats on the field allows you to chain with other identical tiles that are behind other differently-designed tiles or cats. So that makes it a little easier for you to look for potential combinations.

The usual mechanics

Looking past the unusual feature mentioned above, Tabby Island generally offers the familiar gameplay mechanics that most puzzle games in its category have. Utilizing certain combinations on the playing field will give you access to power-ups that have special effects, like clearing an entire column in an instant regardless of tile design.

The goal in the game is to reach the target number of points given to you at the start of each level. Once you reach it, you are automatically qualified to move on to the next level. However, you also have the chance to rack up more points in order to get a higher grade for the level, which is measured from 1 to 3 stars (3 being the highest, obviously). Tabby Island comes out differently due to the way the cat heads are cleared off the field and, of course, because of the cat heads themselves (they are really, really weird). But get past those and you will enjoy Tabby Island the same way that you would enjoy puzzle games with similar gameplay.

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