Take Down Zombies in the Name of Your Beloved Stockings

Take Down Zombies in the Name of Your Beloved Stockings

Zombies have been known in popular culture to have an undying love for flesh (especially brains). Whether it’s in video games or movies, they always find their way towards a bloody affair with humans. But apparently, they have a thing for human garments, too, as presented in Zombies Eat My Stocking. In the game, zombies do exactly as its title suggests: they eat a girl’s freshly-washed stockings. So, what does the girl do? Engage the zombies in a fistfight, of course.

It’s you against the world (of zombies)

Zombies Eat My Stocking is a simple side-scrolling, beat ‘em up game that pits a pissed off girl against a legion of zombies. The controls only involves the arrow keys for movement and the space bar for attacking, so you’ll most likely going to end up mindlessly mashing the space bar. Unlike most classic side-scrolling games in the NES era, your character does not die in a single hit. Instead, you have a health bar that can also be replenished by collecting first aid kits.

Your offensive arsenal consists of several options: punching and kicking, and utilizing Automatic Rifles and Missile Launchers. The former is your default option because, well, your character has hands and feet attached. While the latter two can be acquired as you progress through a level, although they only have limited ammo. So, the options basically represents melee and ranged combat.

The zombies come in different variations and can be easily distinguished by their coloring. As you might have suspected, they move very slowly. But be careful of some types of zombies that have the ability to spit out a gooey green liquid (phlegm, most likely) from a distance. Although they move slowly, the zombies can be very dangerous when they converge on you in large numbers. There are also explosive boxes scattered in each level that can be activated by zombies which deals additional damage to you. Certain levels feature boss-type zombies that have special abilities and are much harder to take down. Taking all of that into account, you might think the game is being unfair. But rest assured; the game has an upgrade system to make things even, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Upgrades galore!

While beating zombies to a pulp, you’ll notice that they sometimes drop gold bars. How they came into possession of such things is a mystery. The gold bars can be used in between levels to pump up your character as well as the Automatic Rifle and the Missile Launcher. For your character, you have the option to pump up your health and make your melee attacks stronger. For the weapons, you can make their firepower stronger and add more ammo. Each time you upgrade one level, the gold bar requirement for the next level increases. So, it’s up to you how you will balance out your upgrades.

The premise of Zombies Eat My Stocking borders on outrageous, but it’s cool nonetheless to have another reason to beat up on poor zombies. The game’s upgrade system is a nice addition, though. It gives the gameplay more depth and gives you something to look forward to after each level.

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