Test Your Knowledge of the Animal Kingdom

Test Your Knowledge of the Animal Kingdom

Do you think your everyday consumption of National Geographic and Animal Planet has given you in-depth knowledge on the thousands of animals that populate the Earth? Why not give yourself a test and see if all those hours watching lions sleep on savannah grass are worth it?

As simple as it can be

Animal Quiz is exactly as its title implies: a quiz about animals. Or more specifically, the names of animals. But don’t worry; the game does not go down to very specific names like ‘Blue-ringed Octopus’. The quiz only uses the generic names of animals to make things easier (as if the game wasn’t easy enough).

The game’s interface is as simple as it is clean-looking. Each level presents you with a very high-quality image of an animal. Below the image are jumbled letters and the boxes for the letters to go into. Either you click on the letters for input or directly use the keyboard. The game will remind you of Text Twist. Due to the generic animal names being used, it’s easy enough to guess the name of the animals from the jumbled letters. Unless you really, really don’t know what it’s called. There is no penalty for repeatedly answering the wrong name (or spelling), although the game will not alert you halfway if you got it wrong. You will only be notified after all letter boxes are filled.

The animal images are close-up shots, so you don’t have to squint at your screen to get a better look. And keeping up with the “quiz” theme, the game’s layout is presented in plain white background. Sort of like a sheet of paper. Probably to make the game really look like a quiz at school. After you type in the name correctly, you immediately move on to the next level. No fancy intermissions or whatever, just a seamless transition between each level.

Just a couple of options

If somehow you’re stuck on a particular animal, you can ask the game for a hint. The hint button is weirdly called ‘Jokers’, though, so you can be forgiven if you were only able to discover its use during the mid-level 20s. Each Joker click fills in one letter and you can actually use it to fill in all boxes. It does have a cooldown timer, though, so you can’t really use it to your heart’s content. A good way to save up on using the Jokers is to have your little sibling sit beside you and help you out. Kids have always been a fan of animals.

But if you don’t have a little sibling, or someone nearby who has good knowledge of animals, then you can use the Facebook option to ask your friends for help. Although be prepared to answer questions like “What on Earth are you doing?” or “Seriously, you’ve never seen a cow before?” The internet can be harsh, you know. But regardless of whether you turn to others for help or not, you’ll still get familiarized with a bunch of animals. So, playing Animal Quiz really has no drawbacks.

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