Text Twist 2: Get Twisted the Second Time Around!

Text Twist 2: Get Twisted the Second Time Around!

Text Twist 2 is the follow-up to the original Text Twist (in case you haven’t figured that out by its title). The game greets you with the familiar bright blue, yellow, and white colors of the home menu and the sole instruction of the game, which is to rearrange randomly lined up letters to form valid words. Then, there is the option to choose a timed or untimed mode of playing. The former, of course, offers more challenge. Beginners, or those who simply want to enjoy the game without all the added pressure that a timer presents, should just go for the untimed mode. Nobody’s judging, so play the game however you want.

A familiar look and gameplay

On the game screen, you will see three bars at the top: one for the score, another one for time, and the last one for the round number. Directly below these bars is the set of empty white boxes that correspond to the missing words you will be discovering one by one throughout the game. The list starts with a group of three-letter words, followed by four-letter words, five-letter words, and, finally, the six-letter words, which are the highlight of each round. Underneath the group of white boxes are six more blue-filled boxes where you will be entering letters to form words before you can find out whether these are valid and can go into any of the white boxes. These are then followed by the six letters placed in big white circles that you will need to rearrange for a particular round. Finally, below these letters are the five options on what you can do with them during the game.

The first bar gives you the chance to twist the letters as many times as you want. The second bar lets you bring back the last set of letters you previously entered. The third bar represents your choice of giving up on the round you are currently in, so that you will be shown a new set of letters back to the first round. The fourth bar lets you clear up the letters you just entered on the rearranging space so you can replace them with something else. Lastly, the right-most bar gives you the power to officially try to register the words you are able to come up with to see if they make it to any of the empty white boxes.

The harder the word, the higher the reward

In each round, you are given two minutes to fill as many blank boxes as you can. Each set of boxes correspond to different scores. When you form three-letter words, you will gain a score of 1500 for each word. For four-letter words, you will have 2000. For five-letter words, you will have 2500. And for the six-letter words, you will be given a score of 3000. However, managing to find out and enter the right six-letter word within the allotted time can automatically bring you the next round. Failing to answer the six-letter words, whatever round you are in, will bring you straight back to the first round.

As you may have summed up from the gameplay descriptions, Text Twist 2 is still very much the game that taught you a lot of new words. So, if you became addicted to the previous game, then there’s a high chance you’d be addicted to this one as well.

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