Treasures of Montezuma 2: The Treasure Hunting Continues!

Treasures of Montezuma 2: The Treasure Hunting Continues!

In Treasures of Montezuma 2, new adventures are ready for the taking as you make your way through each level of the game collecting the shiny crystals in exchange for gold! The first game you grew to love is back for more puzzles for you to stress over.

Token switch

The gameplay of Treasures of Montezuma 2 is pretty much similar to the previous game, wherein you need to collect a number of crystals engraved in the different colored tokens on the screen. Each level requires a certain number of crystals that you need to collect to finish the level. You need to remove the tokens with the crystals in order to collect them, and you do this by switching the tokens and match at least three tokens of the same color in order to remove them. (Yes, it’s the usual match-three-similar-items-to-clear-them type of gameplay.)

However, you don’t always have to match tokens with crystals in them. The regular tokens can also be matched and you will receive points in doing so. The number of points you will get depends on how many tokens you matched. Each token is equivalent to ten points when removed.

The Mask and the Totem

For each level you will be timed for how long you can finish the level, and the time it takes you to finish a level will determine the amount of gold you will receive after the level. A colored mask will be awarded to you if you finish the level at a certain time, like a bonus indicator. As the time runs while playing a level, the color of the clock will change in color. This change of color will help you determine which colored mask you will receive. A green mask will be given if you finish the level before the clock changes its color, and this will give you the most gold. The yellow mask is given if you are able to finish a level after the clock changes its color once. And a blue mask is given if you finish the level after the clock changes its color twice, and this will give you the least amount of gold. Furthermore, if you are able to match two tokens with the same crystals consecutively, a Totem will be given to you. This Totem can be used to get bonus points in the level. So, the game can be quite generous when it comes to extra credit.

There’s a mode for everyone

The game has three different modes, and in each mode the number of crystals to be collected increases. In the Easy Mode, only ten crystals are required to finish each level, the Expert Mode requires twenty crystals, and the Hard Mode requires the most crystals, which is thirty.

Playing the game isn’t as easy as a walk in the park. Some levels in the game require more than just the crystals in order for you to unlock them. These levels require a certain item to be bought at a shop first before you can play the next level. These items can easily be bought using the gold that you collected from every level. This gameplay mechanic prevents Treasures of Montezuma 2 from being too linear like other games of the same genre.

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