Troll Boxing: Make Ugly Faces Uglier

Troll Boxing: Make Ugly Faces Uglier

A sport that generally involves two people beating the crap out of each other inside a ring is definitely not something to laugh about, unless you have a thing for blood flying everywhere and bruises lumping into the size of rocks. Boxing usually rewards the two participants with lots of money, regardless of who won or lost, so you certainly aren’t going to laugh at the idea that they got beat up and then got paid for it either. So for those of you who are looking to have a few laughs while watching a boxing match, there’s Troll Boxing to accommodate your needs.

Just like a two-step dance

Troll Boxing places you in control of ugly-looking trolls that are pitted in a coliseum-like place, complete with rows of other trolls in the background to serve as the audience. Although there are no ropes to be seen, so it raises the question of whether the sport is actually boxing or a friendlier gladiator match. There are numerous trolls to choose from, but all of them except for the default troll are locked in the beginning.

The match itself is fairly simple enough since you are only given two types of actions to utilize: punch and defend/block. You don’t have the option to move around either, so don’t think about utilizing evasion tactics or sidestep moves that you commonly use in fighting games. The goal is to just beat the crap out of the other troll until the health bar is fully depleted. Defending or blocking completely nullifies damage, so you are free to employ a defensive position as long as you like.

If you are quick enough, you can also utilize counter-attacking tactics, which means immediately throwing a punch as soon as you successfully block a punch. But do note that the opponent can do this, too, so always be on your guard for sudden punches. There are no power-ups or special attacks in the game. It’s just plain old dishing out damage until your opponent is knocked down.

Challenges and unlockables

Winning a match will net you 1 skull coin, but you have the opportunity to earn 2 skull coins instead if you managed to win the match without taking damage, commonly known as a “flawless victory”. So, it does give you an incentive to be more careful during matches instead of just spamming your punches. The skull coins are used to unlock the other trolls, with each of them possessing different names and (ugly) looks. You don’t have to unlock each troll in succession; you can immediately go for the ones that require more skull coins if you want to.

Troll Boxing also presents a streak feature, wherein your longest winning streak is recorded. Your longest winning streak is displayed in the gloves icon in the main menu. Every match after the first one also displays your current streak, so you are constantly aware of how far you’ve come. The streak system is just similar to a high score, making it the primary goal for players to go for. There is no blood and bruises in the game, so you are free to laugh at the trolls as they hilariously beat the crap out of each other.

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