Yeti Sensation - A new infinite runner

Yeti Sensation - A new infinite runner

This one is another game for the infinite runner enthusiasts to look forward to. With the success of temple run and subway surf, there was no dearth of endless runners in the first place. However, most of the newer ones disappointed with either copied gameplay or unattractive graphics which failed to draw attention of the gamers. Fortunately, Yeti Sensation delivers nicely on these two fronts. Though the infi-runner concept and some of the elements have been borrowed, thankfully it has some fresh elements to it that make it relevant.

The Gameplay

You are controlling a Yeti in this game. For starters, Yeti is a large bear-like creature said to live in the Himalayas. Like most infinite runners, the gameplay involves controlling your character to move forward in either of the three lanes, avoiding obstacles and collecting berries. The obstacles can take on various forms, like animal traps, camera like objects kept in the middle, tree stumps, rolling large snowballs, snowman, big rocks that have an arrowhead, and cages, crashing into which immediately land you in an animal cage. Towards the later stages of the game, you also encounter human car's, oil drums, coal carts, and some other hurdles.

There are also various forms of bonuses, the most commonly encountered being the bigger pink berry, which counts as 10 normal berries. Upon collecting the larger berries, your yeti will utter either "Amazing", "Delicious" or "Sobre". You will also encounter the berry magnet, which of course attracts other berries, though they do not attract the larger, pink berries. Besides, you will also come across a 2x multiplier, collecting which doubles your each berry collection for a certain time period. And there is a rocket, which gives you super speed, collecting every berry in your way.

While there is a certain element of newness in the variety of traps the game provides, the game has some uniqueness over the other games in the fact that your central character cannot jump and has to rely upon the certain red buttons encountered midway to avoid certain obstacles. Also there is a blue slippery ground upon which it becomes slightly difficult to control the character.

The game also features a supermarket, and what sets it apart from the contemporary infi-runners is that its features can all be availed through berries, with no extra cash from the user's pockets. The supermarket has a hammer, helmets, boots, and sort of armored shorts that can protect you against crashes in the subsequent game. However, these will soon disintegrate, leaving the yeti vulnerable after some crashes. Besides, you also have magnets that last the full length of the following game, and can be helpful if you're looking for a big collection run.

The Interface

For a 3D infinite runner, the graphics are indeed pleasing to the eye, with sufficient details given to the character, the track, the various barriers and the collectables. The natural scenery around is remarkable as well, and the later stages where the yeti runs around seemingly human inhabited area adds a nice touch to the game without making it repetitive.

The game also has a pleasing soundtrack to it, the credits to which can be seen upon opening the settings wheel. The animation and the transition looks smooth and unforced, with some barriers visibly shaken upon impact.


Overall, we can say that the Yeti Sensation is a winner, and definitely worth giving a shot. It has its borrowings and initially seems to be "just another runner", but definitely offers many fresh things in the longer run. For arcade enthusiasts who love infinite runners, this one is a newer one to look forward to. However, there's no leaderboard or score multiplier thing to give advantage to the ones playing it since a long time. Hence, it can be perceived as an advantage as well as disadvantage by players.
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