Online Games for Kids

Online Games For Kids

Online Games for Kids a Guideline

Searching for child-safe online games for kids can often be challenging, but once we, as parents, locate those games that explore our children’s minds and talents. These little gems can make us as excited as our children when we let them play these games on the computer. When seeking the perfect games for them, it builds a desire for us to want to explore all of the benefits our children will experience while playing. These skills can and will actually grow several developmental areas that are crucial to the well-being and proper growth needed for necessary life skills.

Skill development while playing games online may include manual and mental dexterity, fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, problem-solving, team building, social interactions, and even subjects such as math and science. These skills should all be at the top of the list when choosing suitable games to enhance their growth while letting them have fun and explore the internet on their own. This also gives them a sense of self and can improve their self-esteem. With proper selection, we can feel at ease while our children’s time and focus are wrapped up in their favorite games.

We will explore several options for online games for kids, including gaming websites, educational games and websites, and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPG, as they are known throughout the gaming community. All of the games mentioned here are considered optimal for building child development as well as entertainment value. Of course, we can't expect our children to stay focused on a game that they do not enjoy playing.

So come with us and explore the best games that the web has to offer for our children. We are confident that all children alike will be pleased with the selections that we have researched and cataloged for them.

Online Games For Kids: Websites

Online Games for Kids: Websites

Here we will discuss some of our favorite and trusted websites dedicated to children's games. Keep in mind that these are a combination of educational sites and just plain fun gaming sites.

Rest assured that all will test our children's skills and development on a constant basis. Allowing us the comfort of knowing that our children are not only having fun, but they are building skills that just might benefit them throughout their lives.

Funbrain is an entertaining website and a Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) certified website for children of all ages to enjoy. With age-specific games, ranging from Kindergarten through eighth grade, your child will have no shortage of experiences to enjoy here. Funbrain offers a plethora of subject areas for child development, including Language arts, Math, Science, Music, Logic, and more. Parents can feel confident with Funbrain's offering of developmental tools.

They even have teacher resources for the implementation of classroom time. Our children can explore the benefits every time they sit down to enjoy Funbrain’s selection of activities in this online game for kids.


What2Learn is another wonderful game site and tool to add to our children’s educational arsenal. Containing thousands of games at our child’s fingertips. In spite of the name, our tiny loved ones will have no problems finding online games for kids to play at What2Learn. Children can even compete with other students in multiplayer games and challenges giving them a sense of accomplishment and reward. And if that is not enough, parents and teachers even have the option to customize games to cover the topics their children need assistance in the most.

All that is required is to choose a game engine of their choice and develop the specific lessons that they require. This makes it one of the best tools for teaching our children specific topics that they might be having trouble in, all in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.


ABCya is an excellent choice for an online game for kids. With subjects for all students, spanning grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. There are so many topics to browse and play through. ABCya is truly the leader in online games for kids. While covering the multitude of subjects that they do, this site will keep your children constantly seeking more to learn and play.

Children also feel rewarded with their work because ABCya recognizes their achievements by opening up higher levels within the game. With ample variety of games and learning opportunities to choose from, parents and teachers alike have chosen ABCya time and time again for an educational site that truly delivers.

NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids’ Club lets our children explore space and beyond. While learning about the Solar System, Mars, and many other space-fueled topics, our children will love what NASA brings to the table. There is so much for them to discover in this space-based website. With five skill levels to practice in, your child will find a challenge throughout their experiences here inside the NASA Kids’ Club.

The only downside we found was while this website has a limited number of activities compared to some of our other choices, we felt there was enough for our science lovers to still find plenty to keep them traveling towards the final frontier.


We felt we could not leave out our well-known friends at PBS Kids in our list of online games for kids. Our children will delight at the time they spend here with all of their favorite characters. Parents can even download an application called Super Vision that allows them to see what their child is playing and even allows the setting of time limits to help with the transition out of their online screen time.

PBSKids will always be one of ours and our children’s favorite sites to visit. With videos to watch and hundreds of games to choose they always beam with excitement at the time, we allow them to spend with PBSKids.

Online Games for Kids the Favorites

This next section covers our choice list of stand-alone online games for kids that we as parents can feel confident in letting our children play. All of the games listed here we believe will give our children the proper development we require for them. Keeping them all within a fun-filled environment.

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope is one of our favorites for a great reason. This game challenges our children to solve problems and to find solutions within a variety of puzzles, each one becoming more difficult than the previous. Each level depicts Om Num, the favorite character of this game, waiting for our children to solve a series of rope cutting puzzles to drop a piece of candy into his mouth.

While the beginning levels seem almost too simple, we have found ourselves stumped trying to get that piece of candy into his mouth, while playing some of the later levels. We have sat with our children on many occasions, working together, trying to come up with the solution to please our friend Om Num. One of our favorite things about this game is that it is a title that does not require hours at a time to play.

Our children can just spend a few minutes at a time finding a way to get the candy to Om Nom. With such a simple layout our children can explore a level at a time without spending long sessions online. This is one we save for the checkout line.


Poptropica is another COPPA certified virtual world for your children to explore. With millions of kids around the world completing quests together, hearing stories and playing games our children are sure to benefit in the wonderland created within.

Children can create their own Poptropican character to explore the many worlds with. With so many islands to choose from our children will experience problem-solving skills while meeting some of their favorite characters online, including Charlie Brown and the Wimpy Kid. With Poptropica constantly expanding the worlds available to explore in this online game for kids, there will never be a shortage of places for them to explore and learn from.

National Geographic Animal Jam

This National Geographic release is an online playground for our children to explore the world of nature with their friends. Science has never been so fun! Within this massive world, they can create their own animal to use and interact with others created by children worldwide. With millions of children exploring the habitats and worlds of animals, this one is sure to enthuse all of our animal lovers out there.

Children can interact together by trading items, chatting or just participating in games with one another. This massively multiplayer online game for kids will keep them all occupied for hours of fun and social interactions.

Nut Rush

Nut Rush is a game where our youngsters will take on the persona of a squirrel whose sole purpose is gathering his acorns across a myriad of tree branches.

Jumping from branch to branch avoiding the pesky leaves that knock him down as he maneuvers across the treetops. Children will need to get him to his home to beat each level.

This one will have all of our children jumping for acorns in this online game for kids. This game will help our little ones develop hand-eye coordination as they play.

Magic School Bus

This title from scholastic is one that we felt that we as parents could not leave out. Children can explore the world of the Magic School Bus in this interactive online game for kids.

Your child can explore land, space and sea while learning about all the topics have to offer. Inside our children will find games, science experiments, and books to keep their mind growing with knowledge.

Any child that has enjoyed the show by the same name will thrive at the opportunity to jump into the interaction first hand. With this release being from scholastic, children will find additional links to summer reading challenges and all of their favorite scholastic titles.

Fishy Rush

Here we find another wonderful game that allows our child to work on his hand-eye coordination and timing as they take on the underwater world. Children become a fish in this online game for kids and race across the ocean collecting coins. All the while they will find themselves avoiding numerous obstacles as they go.

There are puffer fish, sharks and many more evils lurking in the path to fish riches. This release will offer an exciting change of pace to our children’s game repertoire. Challenging them to get more coins and make it further each time they play!

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is another massively multiplayer online game for kids that will keep your child’s attention focused and socially interactive. While some feature requires paid membership, most of the experience can still be enjoyed without dishing out a cent. Disney allows your child to create a penguin character and plays online with their friends in this massive world.

Your child can collect pets and dress up their characters to let their personalities show. While this game does not offer the educational value of some of the other titles listed here, we felt that the fun online social interaction was enough to let this one make it to our children’s favorites. Cute cartoon penguins and icy landscapes will fill their screens with fun and friends for hours and hours to come.

The Green Mission

Here we find another fun game that will test our children’s problem-solving abilities allowing them to find the correct solutions to make their way to the next stage.

This challenging and fun release will take our tikes to an underground cavernous world where they become a cute and color-changing character. Using this chameleon-like skill will allow them to unlock all kinds of areas that would not be available otherwise. So let our children play because this online game for kids will challenge even the best of them!


Our list would not be complete without adding this title to our compilation of online games for kids. This game is as fun as it is developmental for children of all ages.

If you have not picked up this title for your child we suggest that you do. This game will build creativity beyond their imaginations as they explore the many landscapes and animals created in this world. With the ability to develop their own sandbox-style worlds to explore and build with their friends, the experience is nearly endless. Every new world is different than the last.

With each and every aspect of this game, it builds thinking and problem-solving as they create a world of their own. While the sandbox or creative mode will keep their architectural skills growing, in the survival mode they will need to grow and raise their own food, mine all the materials to build their houses and tools, and armor.

And defend against the many creatures that lurk at night. This is probably one of our favorite games for our children to play, as it is always a new experience each time they sit down to play again.

Online Games for Kids Favorites

Online Games for Kids: Conclusion

While compiling this list we have discovered well-known favorites and new found titles for us to let our children fill their online time. Filling their screen-time with fun and education.

We have often tried to hide the learning in some of the online games for kids that we allow them to play, but many titles here have captured their excitement in learning in such a way it no longer feels like it is that way to them while they are playing. We hope that all of our children can and will experience joy and knowledge in this compilation we have brought to you.

We truly believe that this is the list that we as parents can feel confident in letting our children play online in a safe and secure environment for years to come.